Domestic Quality Management in Hungary

Our philosophy is predicated upon the principle of gaining customer satisfaction through a continuously high quality of services. For this purpose, we continuously develop our fleet of equipment, the quality-focused skills of the staff and our environmental attitude.

In order to satisfy the customer requirements and to comply with the legal specifications, our Company operates its quality management system under ISO 9001, environmental management system under ISO 14001, energy management under ISO 50001 and the food safety system in accordance with Codex Alimentarius CAC/RCP 1-1969 (Rev.4-2003) HACCP or ISO 22000:2005.

We retain external, independent service agencies to have our systems audited every year. The staff of our Company identifies with the requirements of the quality management system and the attitude of focusing on quality, energy-efficiency and the protection of the environment is of paramount importance in their work. All these points are assisted by an efficient system of continuing education and information, deliberately contributing to the implementation of comprehensive quality management.

Our truck drivers work in uniforms allowing identification, enhancing also thereby the standard of services, they also carry mobile telephones to arrange for immediate deployment as required, and we can also use the advantages of continuous contact with the drivers for the higher standard in performing our freight tasks.

A KPI system is employed to measure our service standards, assessed daily and made available to our Clients upon request.

Waberer’s-Szemerey Logisztika Kft. pays special attention at compliance with the internationally accepted requirements. However, as a leading enterprise, we make efforts at not only complying with the legal regulations; our objective is to abide by the best practice of the industry.

Quality management system
In order to achieve the continuous improvement of our service standards, our Company has established its quality management system in accordance with the basic principles and practices of the standard ISO:9001. The optimum management of resources, the management of supplier relations, the compliance with the specific requirements for quality of services, providing safe and efficiency promoting working conditions for our staff are of select importance for us.

System of food safety
Through its activities, our Company is an important participant in the food supply chain; most of our partners are producers and retailers in the FMCG sector, therefore, complying with the food safety requirements is an essential criterion for our Company. Our operations are established in accordance with the requirements of the food safety system HACCP to ensure the quality compliance of our diverse food supply and storage functions. The certification of the IFS system will also take place in the near future.

Environmental management system
In accordance with the requirements of the environmental management system ISO:14001, our Company continuously monitors the environmental impacts of its activities, with strategic environment management objectives, preventive measures and systematic reviews and plans of actions, we mitigate the negative environmental impacts of our activities, and also act proactively to support the practice of environmentally sustainable operation. In 2016 the ISO 50001 energy management system was also certified.

Customs administration
As an Authorized Economic Operator (AEO), we are enabled to carry on smooth customs administration transactions, thus providing guarantee for the fast and efficient delivery of goods. 

From 01.08.2016, Waberer’s-Szemerey Logisztika Kft. provides services for the import and export warehouse of the AUDI factory in Győr. Fulfilling our customers expectations, our company has introduced and operates the VDA 6.2 quality management system for automotive service providers. This certification guarantees consistent and high quality services throughout our business transactions for our clients.

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