Foundation of the Volán Tefu State Company for road cargo transportation.


Foundation of Hungarocamion Pte. Co.


György Wáberer and his associates privatise Volán Tefu Pte. Co. In the course of reorganisation, the service offering is extended to include logistics services.


Acquisitions by Volán Tefu Pte. Co. 


Volán Tefu Pte. Co. acquires Hungarocamion Pte. Co. to establish the largest transportation and logistics service provider in Hungary and Central Europe.


The Group assumes the name WABERER’S and introduces a tailored solution to match its customers’ specific needs: WABERER’S OPTIMUM SOLUTION™


As legal successor of Volán Tefu Pte. Co., Waberer's Holding Logistics Pte. Co. is established to take over management of the group of companies. During the year, a partnership with AIG New Europe Fund is formed, the companies are registered in the EU, and additional entities are acquired in Hungary. Warehousing services expand with capacity reaching100,000 m2. Waberer's is named “Company of the Year” in Hungary.


Regional expansion continues, further increasing the scale of Waberer’s footprint and service portfolio across Europe.


Hungarocamion Rt. is rebranded Waberer's International Pte. Co. whilst Waberer's Trans Llc. takes on international transportation.


Waberer's Holding Pte. Co. acquires 100% of international transportation company Révész Eurotrans Ltd.


Mid Europa Partners (MEP) investment fund acquires 49.05% share in Waberer’s Holding Pte. Co.


Following absorption of the four Group companies (Waberer’s International Pte. Co., Delta Sped Ltd., Interszervíz Ltd. and Inforatio Ltd.) by Waberer’s Holding Pte. Co., the Group is rebranded Waberer’s International Zrt. As a result of the business transformation, Mid Europa Partners now own 56.77% of the Company.


The Group obtained a 60% ownership interest in Szemerey Transport Zrt.


Mid Europa Partners (MEP) increases its shareholding in the Company to 97.1% of total share capital. The Group acquired the Wáberer Hungária Biztosító Zrt.


Waberer's International became public company and listed its shares at the Budapest Stock Exchange

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