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Fleet in Hungary

Waberer’s Group, the market leading logistics service provider in Hungary, owns the largest and most up to date own asset truck fleet in Hungary. Our company’s fleet consists of close to 700 canvas type and refrigerated semitrailer-truck vehicles, and delivers exceptional domestic transport capacity and flexibility for our customers.

Container transport

The company executes its domestic and international container transport tasks with almost 170 semitrailer-truck vehicles.

Refrigerator vehicles

The orders of retail chains are fulfilled with a fleet consisting of some 200 refrigerator trucks and 450 refrigerator semitrailer-truck vehicles.

LTL fleet

Our LTL fleet consisting of almost 200 dry and refrigerated vehicles has a key role in domestic distribution.


Technical parameters:

Mega semi-trailer
size: 13,62 x 2.48 x 3 m
capacity: 102 m3, 34 pallets
roof: removable

Standard semi-trailer
size: 13,62 x 2,48 x 2,85 m
capacity: 97 m3, 34 pallets

Refrigerator semi-trailer
size: 13,32 x 2,46 x 2,65 m
capacity: 86 m³, 33 EUR pallets
type: with bulkhead, several levels

Container semi-trailer
size: trailers suitable for carrying 20, 40, 45 foot containers
extra: vehicles equipped with electricity generator

LTL distribution fleet
capacity: dry and refrigerated vehicles with a capacity of 4-20 pallets
tpye: tandem and full trailers
extra: vehicles with bodywork suitable for transporting gas cylinders