Transportation Quotation Request

Quotation request

Freight Forwarding

Our company employs more than 600 rated subcontractors in international transportation to deliver freight in jobs that it is unable to perform with its own fleet consisting of more than 4,300 truck-trailers. Waberer’s International Nyrt. is gradually increasing its number of subcontractors with long-term co-operation and favourable terms and conditions.

If you wish to operate your vehicles more effectively, you can turn your business into success with the help of our expert team and outstanding clients.

What do we offer our potential subcontractors?

  • export-import and EU haulage assignments
  • continuous employment
  • competitive payment arrangements

If you have your own vehicles and a valid CMR insurance of at least EUR 100,000, contact us, work with Waberer’s, and we will help you take the maximum out of your business.

Application form:

If you wish to have a contract with our company as a haulier, please provide the following data. Our colleagues will contact you.

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