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International Fleet

Waberer's Group has one of the largest own asset truck fleets and the most modern one in Europe. The fleet consists of almost 2000 own asset vehicles plus an additional amount of more than 600 units that are supplied by our vetted and qualified subcontractors. This unique freight capacity allows great flexibility. The trucks are powered by EURO 5 EEV and EURO 6 engines and the average age of the vehicles is 2 years.

All trailers are XL certified MEGA vehicles. The volumetric capacity of these assets is 5 per cent higher than that of the normal size trailers. In order to make the trailers even more capacious, a unique technology allows to shift the pole element easing the economical loading of the pallets, and devices are used, which are suitable for combined transport.

The fleet of Waberer's, equipped with modern technology meets all the European safety regualtions.

Technical parameters:

Mega semi-trailer
size: 13,62 x 2.48 x 3 m
capacity: 102 m3, 34 paletta
roof: demountable



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