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Warehouse logistics

Warehouse logistics functions are a separate operation area in our Company. We have major competitive advantage in the food industry specifically, as close to two-thirds of our Customers are companies active in the FMCG sector, however, there is a growing share taken up by telecommunications and automotive industries in the warehouse logistics division.

In our warehouse bases equipped with the most modern infrastructure and IT systems, we offer possibilities for storage of goods in high stands, blocks and shelves, and additionally, we also have areas suitable for the storage of hazardous goods and refrigerated cargo.

Our warehouses are prepared to carry out product manipulation activities (labelling, re-packing, picking and packing, production of unit cargo and distribution) as well as inventory management, bonded warehouse services, full-scale customs administration, the operation of barcode based warehouse register system as well as the operation of web-based VMI centres and integration into the logistics and IT systems of our Customers.

Warehouse types, main properties

High-stack warehouses – 170,000 sqm
Most of our warehouses can be classified as high-stack warehouses, where in most of the cases we provide storage on high-rise stands and a smaller proportion is the block storage. In our high-stack warehouse halls, we apply a combination of unit load storage and narrow aisle technology for handling of goods and the so-called push-post technology of universal character, suitable for efficient picking and packing, in compliance with the requirements of the specific scope of products.

Our standard temperature controlled high warehouse halls in the BILK have a useful internal height of 11-12 metres, most of them provided with mezzanine levels, which are areas mainly reserved for co-packing activities and are installed with modern large-capacity packaging and film wrapping equipment.

Cross-docking warehouses – 5,000 sqm
Our cross-docking warehouses of 4-6 m internal height primarily serve the needs of our regional and domestic groupage forwarding systems, with a distribution cross-docking warehouse character. Practically no storage is carried out in the warehouse applied for cross-docking, however, large volumes pass through these warehouses every day, as the products are sorted by addresses in accordance with the needs of the delivery points and they are grouped for the delivery vehicles.

In addition to our Budapest centre, we operate cross-docking points in 6 locations in the country: Győr, Pécs, Bőcs, Debrecen and Csongrád.

ADR warehouse – 2000 sqm
The ADR products can be stored in isolation in the warehouse for hazardous goods. The materials belonging to different categories of chemical effect and fire hazard can be stored classified according to types of materials in the 3 stores constructed inside the building.

Refrigerated stores – 15,000 sqm
Warehouse units with different temperature ranges guarantee the storage of food requiring refrigeration in accordance with the requirements, where the storage, packaging, labelling and picking and packing of the refrigerated goods are carried out.

The provisional storage of frozen products takes place at a temperature below –18ºC, while products requiring other storage are stored at temperatures from 0 to 5ºC. The temperature of the warehouse compartments is continuously monitored and recorded by means of an IT system.

The work processes in the warehouses are supported by IT systems complying with the requirements of the Clients, in that regard SAP and SWH systems have been installed.

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